Linda Perry Sets the Tone for Future Women

Crowley, P. (2019, February 06). Linda Perry Talks Gender Disparity in the Music Industry, Shares the Best Advice Dolly Parton Gave Her.

Linda Perry is the first woman to win producer of the year at the Grammys this year. I find it inspiring how woman now are being recognized more for achievements and they are able to succeed. The Grammy’s have been around for 61 years, and it took 15 years for a woman to win producer of the year again. Linda Perry is not stopping here, she is continuing to speak out on gender disparity in the music industry. Perry discusses how her path to success was not easy, most of the times she was turned away being a women producer. As a woman interested in the music industry, and producing it gives me motivation to keep on working no matter how many career paths turn me away.

Perry bigger message to kids was for them to believe in themselves and to have that determination to create; this really stuck with me, not only did she want kids to believe in themselves, but she also informs them they need to be open to fail. Failure is something that will teach someone how to grow, and become experience in the media field. Failure and losing will have no fear,  I find very true because I have to be able to bounce back ten times stronger as an athlete. Being an athlete and losing a game you come to the next one even more determine to win. This will help me in my career because having that determination and continuing it in my career as woman will help me take risks.


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